Custom Engagement Rings

A unique engagement ring experience.
Customize you ring with a marvellous jewelry designer,
without any compromise…

Why Customize a Ring?

A "Perfect Match" Ring

Are you exhausted of window-shopping? Found your dream on Pinterest?
Don’t lose your breathe trying to find a perfect match – when you can just make one…

Engagement ring customization offers you a tailor-made solution.

Costume Made Engagement Ring

Let's Design Your Dream...

If you’re thinking to compromise… don’t. Just customize!
Let us make dreams come true.

Leave your info and one of our experts will contact you swiftly.


How Long Does it Take?

How Long Does a Custom Engagement Ring Take?

How long does a custom engagement ring take to make can slightly differ,
but our tidy process gets it in less than two weeks:

A Dream to Make

First of all we want to hear your dream. Tell us everything. Then, it takes us around 1-3 days to sketch you dreamy ring mockup.

Make it Pop

After sketch approval, we'll make a 3D model of the ring with different variations for your choosing. We'll make sure it's perfect for you.

It's... Alive!

After final approval, it take our team about 7 days to make the ring come to life. After it's alive, we'll polish, garnish and fine-tune it to perfection!

On it's way

The ring is done after your final approval! Now it's being shipped straight to you on a FedEx 1-3 days fast shipping! Are you ready for it? 😉

You Don't Have to Know...

You don’t have to know what they want – just tell us what they like.
Our experienced jewelry designers will help you find out what’s the perfect design to match your match, by your knowledge of their likes.

Engagement / Wedding

Need to custom wedding band to fit engagement ring?
Looking for a custom made wedding bands to fit engagement ring?
We can do it all – exactly how you like…

To Each – Their Own

We know it’s exhausting to search forever without finding something worth for your loved one. That’s okay. We believe that if a perfect match is not to be found – it should be self-created, just for you!

Don't Break Your Wallet

Tailor-made, handcrafted custom jewelry design doesn’t mean it necessarily costs more…
We can create your perfect dream to match your budget perfectly!

Customization Customers

Our Happy Custome-rs!

Frequently We're Being Asked...

How to Know it's the Right Choice?

We offer a ring customization with a variety of high quality materials.
Metals varying with 14K or 18K rose gold, yellow gold or white gold. We also offer platinum engagement rings.
The stone can be either  any-grade lab grown or natural  diamond, ruby, sapphire and more…

Usually it takes around 1-3 day to build a mockup according to the client’s desires. After the mockup’s approval we create the 3D model for final approval. Around 7 days to make the ring itself and 1-3 days FedEx fast shipping.

So a new custom engagement ring can be on your finger in as fast as 2 weeks!

If time is of the essence, of course we can offer an express process.

Please DO!
We’re offering engraving services on all types of rings with no additional pay!

We want your custom ring to be absolutely costumed. So even if you haven’t thought about it – we’ll offer you fine engraving… 🙂

The price for a customized ring varies due to several aspects:
Metal type, weight of gold, diamonds carat and other materialistic aspects.

Please Note:
We DO NOT charge extra for the design, the process or any customization requests. Only by chosen materials.

Of course! Every design begins with a visual sketch of the custom design which is then being processed to a 3D model.
Only after final approval will we proceed to make the ring…

Check our full Costume Ring Process!

We offer a vast range of diamond cuts to choose from from. A full range of cuts is visible on our store page.

Nice to know(!):
Some of our most-likable diamond cuts are custom halo engagement rings, custom princess cut engagement rings and custom emerald engagement rings!

Each ring is granted with a 30-Days Full Refund Guarantee.
No questions asked.

That’s how much we believe in the quality of our products, and the accuracy of our design.

Moreover, we offer our customers a Life Warranty on the gold, side diamonds and even for any size changing needs.

After the final approval of a design, we give you a day to think about it fully before we send the design to production.
We do it so you could have the time to think about it, consulte, admire, ponder and be completely satisfied with the design of your ring…

If any change needs to be made on that time – we will make it.

Absolutely NO!

We have no limits or restrictions for any size, preference or desire that you might have. We’re here to make it perfect for you!

First of all, we have our wonderful Size Guide for you to be able to find your perfect size all by yourself.

Moreover, on the process of customizing a ring, our design experts will help you identify your exact ring size and will make sure with you that it’s a perfect match!

Of course!

As part of our Life Warranty we offer a resize to any fit you might need upon the course of you life… 

Indeed there is.

We work along with Affirm method that allows you to pay for a ring with up to 3 months of payments that you will.
The ring will be shipped to you after full payment has been made.